UncoverEd is a collaborative student-led archival project at the University of Edinburgh. The team works on uncovering the University’s role in the imperial project and addressing that colonial legacy.

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Kole Omotoso

Bankole Ajibabi Omotoso is an author whose work is committed to fusing a socio-political reprisal of Africa with a respect for human dignity.
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Azar Besharat Moayeri

Azar Besharat Moayeri

Azar Besharat Moayeri became Edinburgh’s first female graduate in Chemical Engineering in 1967. She began a family business which manufactures Canada’s first natural wax products.
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Geoff Palmer

Sir Geoff Palmer became Scotland’s first Black professor in 1989. He’s achieved an OBE and been named as one of the ‘100 Great Black Britons’.
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