The Student – ‘Accommodation Apartheid’

Primary source material reproduced from ‘Accommodation Apartheid: Allegations Denied’, The Student, 16/11/1972.

The University Student Accommodation Department denied yesterday any knowledge of racial discrimination in the placement of tenants. Miss DC Matchett, Accommodation Superintendent, made it clear that on any occasion when landlords have stipulated that they will not take coloured tenants she has refused to keep them on the Accommodation Department’s list. The denials followed allegations by past and present tenants of Sir Maxwell Inglis of Milton Bridge, Penicuk, that Sir Max refuses to lease to ‘black men’.

No Black Men

One of the tenants told STUDENT that Sir Max had said of Miss Matchett: ‘She is very good. I am willing to accept tenants on her recommendation. She has never sent me any black men’ […] Towards the end of last year, Associate Professor Jules Siegel of the Department of English at the University of Rhode Island, USA, told Sir Max – for whom he was then renting a house at 10 Belwood Road, Milton Bridge – that he wanted to break the lease a month early. Siegel said he would find a replacement. Sir Max agreed – provided the people presented to him met with his approval. And he warned Siegel not to send him any ‘black men’ because ‘they have not learned to live in houses like human beings’. At that time Sir Max made it clear that he was referring to coloured persons […] When contacted by STUDENT Sir Max refused to comment […]