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1900 – Richard Akiwande Savage, Nigerian assistant editor of The Student newspaper, John Alcindor and William Meyer attend the first Pan-African Congress in London as delegates of the Edinburgh Afro-West Indian Association. - 1900

Primary source material – ‘Governors of Sierra Leone: William Fergusson, 1841-2 and 1844-45’ - 1900

Primary source material reproduced from ‘Governors of Sierra Leone: William Fergusson, 1841-2 and 1844-45’, Sierra Leone Weekly News, 06/01/1900 Staff-Surgeon Fergusson, as Lieut Governor assumed the government, 3rd September 1841 …

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Meher Ardeshir Dadabhai Naoroji - 1901

Image reproduced courtesy of the Centre for Research Collections, University of Edinburgh By Devika Meher A.D. Naoroji came to the University in 1901 and was the first Indian woman to …

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Primary source material – TES Scholes - 1905

Primary source material reproduced from TES Scholes, Glimpses of the Ages, or the ‘Superior’ and ‘Inferior’ Races, So-Called, Discussed in the Light of Science and History, Vol.1 (London, 1905) pp.xiv-xv, …

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Primary source material – ‘Letter to the Editor’ - 1905

Primary source material reproduced from ‘Letter to the Editor’, The Student, 26/10/1905. Dear Sir, I was told some time ago that the ‘University Hall’ did not admit any coloured people …

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Arthur Cecil Alport - 1905

Illustration by Yaz Serrano By Tom Cunningham Arthur Cecil Alport (1880-1959), born in Beaufort West, the Karoo, South Africa, was a medical student at Edinburgh between 1900 and 1905. He is …

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Primary source material – ‘Asia Awake!’ - 1906

Primary source material reproduced from The Student 01/03/1906. Alongside debates, the Edinburgh Indian Association hosted recitals of poetry. ‘To Asia’ (possibly by BK Das, who addressed the association two weeks …

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Bandele Omoniyi - 1906

Image – reproduced courtesy of Hakim Adi & the British Library By Henry Dee In 1908, a footnote in a book about a missionary skeptically quipped: “His Highness Prince Bandele …

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c. 1906 – formation of the Edinburgh Chinese Students Society - 1906


Primary source material – ‘A Defence of the Ethiopian Movement’ - 1908

Primary source material reproduced from Bandele Omoniyi, A Defence of the Ethiopian Movement (Edinburgh, 1908), pp.20, 42 & 80. Published in March 1908, after black Edinburgh medical graduates had been …

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