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Primary source material – ‘An Imperial University drawing its students from all parts of the British Empire’ - 1920

Primary source material reproduced from ‘Lectures for Indian Students’, The Leader, 04/11/1920 The YMCA have also opened a hostel for Indian students at No 5 Grosvenor Crescent […] The new …

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Primary source material – ‘Edinburgh University Indian Ambulance Corps’ - 1920

Primary source material reproduced from Ikbal Ali Shah, ‘Edinburgh University Indian Ambulance Corps’, The Student (special war memorial edition, May 1920). The Edinburgh University Indian Ambulance Corps played an important …

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“A permanent record of our collective activities”: The Chinese Student and the Edinburgh Chinese Students’ Union - 1920

Image from The Chinese Student – reproduced with permission of the Centre for Research Collections, Edinburgh by Dingjian Xie In June 1921, a group of Chinese students at Edinburgh, members …

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Yuan Changying original

Yuan Changying - 1921

Image Credit: Cultural Relics By Dingjian Xie Yuan Changying (袁昌英, 11 October 1894–28 April 1973), a playwright, novelist, scholar of literature and feminist in China, was the first Chinese female graduate …

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Primary source material – ‘We have keenly felt the humiliation and the spirit of racial hatred’: The Colour Bar in Edinburgh, 1927 - 1927

Primary source material reproduced from: ‘Colour Bar in Edinburgh’, The Scotsman, 21/05/1927; ‘Colour Bar in Edinburgh’, The Scotsman, 24/05/1927; ‘Colour Bar: Edinburgh Case: Ventilated in Commons’, The Scotsman, 01/06/1927; ‘Fatuous …

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Yun Posun - 1927

Illustration by Yaz Serrano By Ara Kim Born on 26 August 1897 in South Korea, Yun Posun came from a family of Korean independence activists. Inspired by the 1911 Chinese …

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Agnes Yewande Savage – 1929 - 1929

Image – reproduced courtesy of Mike Savage By Henry Dee Dr Agnes Yewande Savage was probably first West African woman to qualify in medicine. An outstanding student at Edinburgh, Agnes …

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