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Primary source material – Nestorius Marcus

Primary source material reproduced from Nestorius Marcus, A Persian in Scotland: Being the Story of the Life of Nestorius Marcus of Uramia, Persia, Student of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, 1898).

When I had been about a year in London, and was able to read and speak English fairly well, I was advised by my London friends to go to Edinburgh. I was told it was a city of institutions and colleges, whose people took a great interest in mission work at home and abroad. So I left London on 24th March 1896 by the night train, arriving in Edinburgh next morning. I felt quite distressed when I found the manner of speaking very different from what it was in London. I asked a gentleman to direct me on my way soon after my arrival, but he only looked in my face and said, ‘I dinna ken what ye say.’ I thought this gentleman must be a stranger, like myself, and that I had better ask a policeman. So I did, saying, ‘Sir, can you direct me to this place?’ He answered me something after this fashion: ‘Ay, gang doon an’ roond aboot, then doon tae the fit, an’ tak the first on the richt.’ I could not make a word of it, but said ‘Thank you very much.’ […]

Not knowing many people in Edinburgh, I felt at first somewhat at a loss what to do, but by and by I was introduced to Sir William Muir, Principal of the University, to Professors Orr and Charteris, and the Rev John Forgan, Superintendent of the Edinburgh City Mission, all of whom I found very kind and much interested. Through their good offices I was enabled to enter the University, taking during the summer session Hebrew and Greek classes. I was also engaged in giving tuition in Persian.

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