The Student – ‘Edinburgh Overseas Students Action Group’

Primary source material reproduced from ‘Spelling It Out’, The Student, 02/12/1976.

This week sees a major push in the campaign to stop discrimination against overseas students.

Particularly the higher fees overseas students have to pay. Next year fees will rise to £500 for home students and for overseas students £650. Today students will be lobbying MPs in support of an all party motion which would eradicate discrimination in fee payments. On Friday a number of colleges are organising protest occupations. Trevor Philips of the NUS Executive points out that as a result of the increase in fees ‘the number of overseas students will undoubtedly decline. Even though the number of applications is up’. Students have been occupying now at Middlesex Polytechnic for two weeks against discrimination, however, a similar occupation at Teeside Poly in Sunderland ended last week. The occupation was attempting to prevent the deportation of overseas students who hadn’t paid all their outstanding fees […] A demonstration has been called this Saturday the 4th to protest against any reprisals. Wide support has been called for and the Overseas Students Action Group in Edinburgh will be organising a bus down to the march. Anyone interested can contact Jim McCallum in the Student Association offices at the Student Centre for info.