Ansuyah Singh

Ansuyah Singh’s was an esteemed doctor, radical activist and author. She helped to instigate progressive change in her society.

Hastings Banda

Banda died with an appalling record of human rights abuses and extortion – personally owning as much as 45% of Malawi’s GDP.

Oku Ampofo

Dr. Oku Ampofo’s ground-breaking studies in plant medicine led to over 300 plants being identified and certified as having medicinal properties.

David Pitt


Lord David Thomas Pitt led an outstanding political and medical career. Pitt dedicated his life to medicine and politics, tenaciously fighting against racism and discrimination.

Kesaveloo Goonam

Kesaveloo Goonam graduated from Edinburgh in 1936 and ran numerous successful medical practices. Goonam was commemorated as “the first black woman doctor and freedom fighter”.

Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson

Ken “Snakehips” Johnson

Ken Johnson founded the band founded the band Ken Johnson and his West Indian Dance Orchestra which launched his career into international fame.

Agnes Yewande Savage – 1929

Dr Savage was probably first West African woman to qualify in medicine. She played key roles in the early histories of numerous important Ghanaian institutions.

Yun Posun

Yun Posun came from a family of Korean independence activists and was elected President of South Korea in 1960.

Yuan Changying

Yuan Changying original

Yuan Changying, a renknowned playwright, novelist and scholar of literature was the first Chinese female Masters student in British history.

Jung Bahadur Singh

After graduating Jung Bahadur Singh became a medical official and politician who fought for universal suffrage, workers’ rights and religious freedom in the Guyanese colony.