The Student – ‘Sportrait: Rudi Webster’

‘Sportrait: Rudi Webster’, The Student, 17/05/1962.

A native of Barbados, this 6’ 5” lean and lanky West Indian is the powerhouse of Scottish cricket and the finest fast bowler that Edinburgh University has ever had. Educated at Harrison College, Barbados, and at present a fourth year medic, Rudi has played cricket ever since he can remember. His introduction to first-class sport, however, was on the field of athletics – he was, in fact, offered an athletics scholarship at Ohio State University. With times of 9.9 secs for the 100 yards, 21.8 secs for 220 yards and a high jump of 6’, the reason for the offer is self-evident. But Rudi, with distinction in three ‘A’ levels, decided to come to Edinburgh, having obtained exemption from his first-year studies.

Last year, he had the best season ever in his cricketing career, taking over 130 wickets in as many days. He was selected to play for Scotland against the M.C.C. and was largely responsible for Scotland’s first ever win. He took his 100th wicket of the season and his first in first-class cricket, when he bowled the M.C.C. captain with his opening ball. After taking 7 for 56 in the first innings, he repeated his first ball trick in the second innings, finishing with an analysis of 11 for 100 – an exciting debut to first-class cricket by any standards.

His cricketing career is spattered with fine performances, too many and too varied to go into detail. Let it suffice to say that his award of the Vancouver Quaich for the various outstanding University Sportsman of 1961 is evidence enough of his fitness and ability. His main time, apart from cricket and swotting for medical exams, is listening to music and dancing. ‘All kinds of music, man, and all kinds of dancing!’ Modern jazz is his main love, musically speaking, although he has a great interest in the classics. And women? ‘I guess I’m just normal, man.’